think the only thing that Makes me a little bit jealous of a Real female is the Fact that I cant have any kids!…..but is that really True? I had been talking with female friend of mine and she told me she Knew a GOOD WITCH DOCTOR from jamaica that could make anything happen with his “MAGIC” Staff! Well you know me, I always jump at the chance to make things happen! I called this Jamaican Man over to examine me and after a semi thoro look over he said he found the problem to why I could not have a baby…..He said ” Maam its because you have a Dick!” I was like omg all these years I thought that was just a toy to play with, but he told me not to worry because he still could help me try and Get pregnant! I fell to my knees to see his magic staff and before i knew it hehad it in my mouth and down my throat…the staff was so powerful it exploded in my ass and I just felt the babies running wild inside me! but the Good magician wasnt done because after he shot The WHITE magic from the staff he told me to cover it with my own she milk and the baby making spell would be complete! “ABRA KADABRAH”…..