6_004Sometimes Yall I have the worst days EVER….but this one was almost one of them! Lemme tell you what happened….OK I pulls up to work and see this guy with the trunk of his car wide open selling videos in front of my establishment, Im like oh hell no! you aint bout to be setting up shop round here and i aint getting paid!!!! I walked over to him and He starts to tell me he has all the new releases in that’s in the theater and he got them for the low but i had seen all that shit already, i was more interested in the “adult” section of his collection….He told me he got just what I needed and dug in his book bag pulling out his hidden stash!..Man Do you know this FOOL started pulling out BOOTLEG copies of my own shit!!! I was like what the fuck!!! nigga thats me!, He swore me up and down it wasn’t me and said in order for him to stop selling them bootleg videos i was gonna have to prove to him that it was me!….now in any other situation I would’ve shot him dead…but this one i just had to set the record straight, I took this tall Puerto Rican and Black mixed Big Stocky Dude inside and lord..OMG……..HE RAPED ME!… REAPEATEDLY!!!…..IM BOUT TO SUE SOMEBODY